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The Story of F.R.O.G. & Co.

F.R.O.G Fully Relying [Reliant] on God. This movement is centered around our higher being. Just being able to build this great connection and His presence in everything around us. To be FULLY Relying on God is to be Fully Relying on Game. Fully Relying [Reliant] on Greatness. F.R.O.G. is the universal motivational art and urban style creative brand that derived from graffiti art within the Philadelphia streets resulting in the creation of characters of True Beliefs. FULLY RELYN ON GOD is a movement bringing awareness to everyone everything everywhere.


What started as a quest to make the city of brotherly love recognize his name has morphed into an artistic and creative movement empowering the next generation of creatives to make their marks in the spaces they find themselves in.

Drawing inspiration from his faith, family, and the story of his life, FROG sees the brand as an opportunity to combine the sciences and arts and the technical and creative in a venture that advocates for the future of marginalized peoples. Graffiti art once seen as the purest form of vandalism is now hailed as exotic and eye-catching artwork grossing millions instead of serving as a waste creation mechanism as the authorities now viewed it. In the same vein, FROG seeks to inspire the next generation of innovators, disruptors, and icons through the power and language of expressive art.


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